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Washer Dryer Sets – Which Type is Best for You?

There are a few different types of washer and dryer sets available on the market today. Consider the following types and see which is best suited for you.

Front Loading Washers and Dryers

If you are shopping for a new washer dryer set, the first decision you are going to make is whether you need a top-loading or a front loading washer dryer set. The front loading washer dryer is more efficient than a top loading washer. In addition, newer models come with a decorative design to add to your laundry room. There are a variety of models today that offer different features and controls. The best thing about a front loading washing machine is that it uses less energy to operate. This is a major plug considering the environmentally and energy saving market today. Another advantage of the front loading washer is that it can be stacked. this is great if you have limited space in the laundry room so you are able to stack the front-loading washer and dryer.The way the front loading machines are designed also allows your clothing to last longer. There is much less wear and tear with front loading machines.

Top Loading Washers and Dryer Sets
The top loading washer definitely gets the job done. The tub sits vertically and the machines agitator in the center turns the water and spins the clothing around making the water clean through the clothing. The front loading machine is basically functioning the same way, but the tub is horizontal and there is less wear on the clothing. The top loading washers also use 3 times more water to clean the clothes than a front loading washer. Another disadvantage the top loading washer has is that it only spins at 650 rpm instead of 1000 rpm that front loading washers can do. This means that there is less water left in the clothing after the spin cycle which also translates to less time drying and less energy used when drying. The advantage the top loading washer and dryer does have over front loading, is the cost. They are much less expensive and they do get the job done. Of course the energy costs are more so for the long term you may still want to consider the front loading machines.